2016.12.30 【Chiayi】The Kiln pizza shop

The sign of Baduyao kiln pizza shop is not easy to find it.Make sure you ask somebody before you come.
The longan wood make sure the pizza quality is all good.
The temperature is very high in their baked oven, 700 degrees Centigrade!! So they can make the pizza very fast.

yesprincess pizza
The dough is not too thin , and you can see it has lot of cheese on it.
The boss put lots of sweet tomatoes in it. Eat with cheese and soft dough , what a perfect match.

yesbarbequed chicken wing
their chicken wings taste very delicious and juicy. The sauce is not too salty at all. Very tasty!

yesYummy toast
They make the toast with “Katherine” flour, spend over 24 hours to make it.
The bread is really soft, not dry at all, is like dancing in my mouth

  • Traffic Informatio
Take Kuokuang bus to Chiayi station, and change Bus No.7302 to「Sungshuwang」stop, get off and walk about 6 minutes.
1.From Taipei bus station【1834】臺北-嘉義【1835】臺北-阿里山【1836】臺北-新營
2.From Taichung bus station【1870】臺中-嘉義
  • Location

  • Business hours
10:00-21:00 (Day off on Monday)
  • Address
No.448-5, Suantou villiage, Liujiao Township, Chiayi City
  • Phone number

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