2016.12.30 【Chiayi】Experience to be a Japanese at Hinoki Village

Hinoki village is the first forest culture park in Taiwan, you can see many old Japanese style dormitory in here.
You can experience one hundred years ago of Taiwan’s style of life. and also see the view of Eighty years ago of Chiayi here.

Hinoki village has a Formosa art shop inside, you can experience the bathrobe outfit here.
We suggest you can call them before you come here.

They have many bathrobes can choose in Formosa art shop and they all from Japan too.
You can definitely wear something you like. 

It cost 450 dollars for two hours and it only takes 15 minutes to dress up.

You can also pay extra money for makeup service.
You will look better after it for sure.

You can walk around in these hundred years building with bathrobe outfit. Such a special experience.
Feels like we are in Japan now.

  • Traffic Information
Take Kuokuang bus to Chiayi station, and change Bus No.7319,7312,7321 to「beimen」stop.
1.From Taipei bus station【1834】臺北-嘉義【1835】臺北-阿里山【1836】臺北-新營
2.From Taichung bus station【1870】臺中-嘉義
  • Location
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No.1, Linshen E Road, East dist, Chiayi City
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