2017.01.02 【Chiayi】The yummy breakfast shop

This Soybean milk shop used to be a small vendor, but they already have two shops now.

Either you want to have traditional breakfast or Western breakfast, you can all order in here.

The omelet skin here is really special unlike others , it usually very thick and crispy at other shops.
But this one is very soft, chewy taste like thinner spring onion pancake.
It cooks with Chinese cabbage unlike others cook with cabbage. 

This one is dried meat floss toast.
I thought it will taste super creamy and sweet, but it taste opposite, not too sweet at all.
I think girls will love this one!! Because it has condensed milk on top

And their most famous one- soybean milk.
The strong soymean flavor and rich milk , mix together, so good!! Never try this kind of drink before.
You can taste two different flavors in it. 

  • Traffic Informatio
Take Kuokuang bus to Chiayi station, and change Bus No.7324 to「penshuei」stop, get off and walk about 3 minutes.
1.From Taipei bus station【1834】臺北-嘉義【1835】臺北-阿里山【1836】臺北-新營
2.From Taichung bus station【1870】臺中-嘉義
  • Location

  • Business hours
18:00-Next day 12:00
  • Address
No.103,Wenhua Road, West dist, Chiayi City
  • Phone number
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