2017.01.02 【Chiayi】The biggest pyramid dumpling in Taiwan

Stongly recommended this pyramid dumpling shop. No wonder the line there is always super long.
They also put some chairs outside so you can seat while waiting.

They all fresh handmade everyday. So the amounts of pyramid dumpling is limit.

This pyramid dumpling is really big unlike others, almost the same size with the meatball.

It looks chewy and taste really chewy too. Not too soft, even taste better when it is cold.

The ingredients inside is pork leg meat and bamboo ,you can also taste dried shrimp and mushroom in it.
Taste very sweet. I am defenitly come again next time.

  • Traffic Informatio
Take Kuokuang bus to Chiayi station, then take bus No.7304,7312,7316,7321,7323, to “city hall ”stop and walk about 4 minutes
1.From Taipei bus station【1834】臺北-嘉義【1835】臺北-阿里山【1836】臺北-新營
2.From Taichung bus station【1870】臺中-嘉義
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No.166,Chungxiao Road,Chiayi City
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