2017.01.02 【Taichung】The best breakfast in Taichung-Wang's

The Second market of Taichung sells lots of yummy traditional food.
Every single shop there already sold for so many years which is telling you it must be so tasty.
Today we are going to the best one in Taichung-Wang's.
Their famous food is turnip cake and Taiwanese boudin. You can always see the long line in front of this shop.
We might miss out if you come late.

yesMust to order three items:egg, turnip cake and Taiwanese boudin.
These are all handmade from boss.
The turnip cake taste very  different with others, you can feel lots of turnip inside, and it is soft, not chewy at all!!
Eat with the special handmade sauce , Hmm.. so yummy!!

Their Taiwanese boudin is really tasty too. You can see it is rich in rice and other ingredients.

Don't forget to order their soup!
The soup  has pig blood, fried tofu, turnip, pork ball and fish ball in it. Lots of ingredients in it.

You can also try their taro cake, it is tasty too.
You can taste full of taro in it. Definitely a good breakfast for you!!

  • Traffic Informatio
Take Kuokuang bus to Taichung station (it is about 15 minutes by walk from Taichung station)
1. From Taipei bus station【1826】臺北-中清路-臺中【1827】臺北-中港路-臺中
2. From Keelung train station【1805】基隆-臺中
From Banqiao bus station【1851】板橋-臺中【1852】板橋-國道3號-臺中
From Taoyuan Airport【1860】桃園機場-臺中
From Taoyuan station【1861】桃園-臺中
From Chungli【1863】中壢-臺中
From Hsinchu bus station【1866】新竹-臺中
From Chiayi bus station【1870】臺中-嘉義
From Tainan Beimen station【1871】臺中-臺
10. From Kaohsiung bus station【1872】臺中-高雄
11.​ From Pingtung station【1873】臺中-屏東
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No.87, Sec 2 , Sanming Road, Central Dist, Taichung City
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