2017.03.13 Transportation from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei

It is not only convenient to take buses from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei, but you also have many routes to select from. You can reach Ximending, Songshan, Nangang Exhibition Center or even Taichung. Therefore, you can select the bus to take according to your accommodation or destination. Furthermore, there are many buses going between the airport and different destinations, so you will definitely have a comfortable seat during the ride. Even I will always take the bus every time I go back and forth the airport!
The 5 airport bus routes of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport are as the following:

If you live around Taipei Main Station of Ximending, bus No. 1819 is not only the most convenient one, but also the only bus that runs 24-hour a day. You do not have to worry if you are taking a red-eye flight!
After taking off at Taipei Main Station, you can take the shuttle bus to Ximending for free with your ticket stub.

Reaching Xingtian Temple and Taipei Songshan Airport.

Reaching Nankan, MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Station and Taipei Songshan Airport.

Reaching Neihu and Nangang Exhibition Center.

5. 【1860】桃園機場-臺中
For those staying in central and southern Taiwan, you can take buses to Taichung Station or Chaoma Bus Terminal and transfer on to the direct buses heading towards Taoyuan International Airport.

enlightenedYou can directly take Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport after leaving the first or the second terminal of Taoyuan International Airport. You won’t get lost and it is easy to find.
*Taoyuan International Airport First Terminal Bus Stop: Bus stop is at B1 of the Arrival Hall.

*Taoyuan International Airport Second Terminal Bus Stop: Bus stop is at the 1F northeastern corridor of the Arrival Hall.

For those taking the bus to Taipei Main Station, after taking off at Taipei Bus Terminal, you can take the free shuttle bus to Ximending with your ticket stub. This is the most convenient choice for backpackers!

For those who want to save traveling expenses, they might choose to take red-eye flights that arrive in the small hours. If so, you do not have to worry about transportations any more. Besides the expensive taxis, you can take Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport No. 1819, the only 24-hour bus, from the first and second terminal of Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station.
Click here for buses at small hours.

It is always inconvenient to carry a lot of luggage when traveling on your own. If you take the airport bus, not only you do not have to carry your luggage around, each passenger will also have a comfortable seat with USB charging~ That is why I always like to take the bus to the airport.

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